Newly Released on Interactive Computer CD-ROM!

Butterfly Dreams combines carefully selected photographs with original translations of traditional Japanese haiku. Over five years in the making, this project results from the tireless effort of internationally published nature photographer Michael Lustbader and renowned poet and translator William J. Higginson.

Containing over 200 pages of full color images and commentary, Butterfly Dreams takes the reader on a journey through the seasons, in the fashion of a traditional Japanese saijiki (almanac), as haiku and photographs combine to reflect the wonders of nature. Descriptive notes explore the nuances of translation and culture, as well as photographic and post-capture digital processing.

This is the perfect book to inspire the artist within, to marvel at the beauty of the natural world through the year, or simply to escape from the everyday, if only for a while. It is the ideal antidote to stress, and in addition makes a wonderful gift.